Emerging Product and Platform Team

Rappelling with the directors of the digital team

CNN Digital
Virtual Reality, Team Building
March, 2020


CNN’s Emerging Product and Platform team was facing some major challenges in communicating with each other and building a culture of innovation. A year in, this newly created team was still trying to figure out how to work effectively together to accomplish aggressive business goals tied to developing new revenue streams.

Our Solution

Vestigo developed a remote VR training experience for all 10 team members located in Atlanta and California designed to create a culture that encourages innovation and create a deeper trust and better communication among the team members. VR headsets were delivered or shipped to individuals, and Vestigo facilitated an experience-focused workshop using a combination of Virtual Reality and Zoom video conferencing.

The workshop curriculum focused on communication and innovation. In the communication portion, the group exercise stressed the importance of listening, empathy, and clear speech to accomplish a goal while under the pressure of a ticking clock and challenging instructions. The innovation program concentrated on fostering the entrepreneurial spirit, the ability to thrive in unknown and uncertain environments, and the power of mindset in reframing obstacles as opportunities to innovate from the unknown.


Participants reported feeling closer to their teammates as a direct result of the Vestigo program. Working with other teammates in a capacity where they felt more vulnerable, and having to rely on other members of the team for guidance changed their mindset to communicate and collaborate more than they had been. Coming out of the session, members stated that they felt more confident in making bold decisions and taking action moving forward with the realization that they might not start out having as much data as they would like, which might present a risk, but the team would work together to continue to iterate and improve.  

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