Virtual Reality Training

Virtual Reality technology can train your team to think on their feet and adapt to new environments in incredibly fast and effective ways.

Whether your team is across an ocean or across the room, VR can unite the team like never before, all within a single shared environment.

How it Works

Vestigo facilitates an experience-centered personal development workshop, complete with an inspiring intro, an intense and challenging VR experience, and an actionable debrief for you and your company leaders.

Whether we share this experience live and in person, or remotely from different living rooms in different states, this experiential team development workshop is focused on key themes of communication; including empathy, asking good questions, hearing and listening, remaining calm while under pressure, and seeking to understand before being understood.  

For our remote Virtual Experiences we use a combination of Zoom and a sterilized VR headset delivered to each member of the team to allow everyone the opportunity to experience the full power of VR, where we re-create the experiential and social dynamics seen in the video below.

Program Themes

  • Communications under pressure
  • Navigating the unknown
  • Brave vulnerability for practical application
  • Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion
  • Bravely challenging your perceived limits
  • Overcoming the paralysis of fear
  • Custom experiences to address your teams specific needs

See how we helped Credigy

"We had an awesome adventure... it was just awesome and a great time for the entire team.”

Ken Arrington, EY

“I love what Vestigo has built in such a short time and even more excited by their roadmap and the growth that lies ahead!.”

Rohit Agarwal, CNN

“Vestigo provided our employees with a one-of-a-kind teambuilding experience...”

Leslie Landers, Credigy

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VR Headsets and other necessary equipment
Intro Keynote from our CEO
Vestigo facilitator-led program at your office or another location of your choice
Custom content designed for your key objectives
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VR Headsets delivered to all participants
Intro Keynote from our CEO
Vestigo facilitator-led program via Zoom
Custom content designed for your key objectives
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